Needing temporary accommodation on your driveway?

This month many of our caravans have been utilised to provide our customers with temporary accommodation on their driveways, from Scotland to Southampton. Many of these have been through insurance claims to cover the cost of the accommodation. Each caravan has been delivered and set up to the customers requirements.

We have two caravans providing accommodation for a family whose house is being repaired after lightening damage. Another keeping a family warm and cosy after a house fire. While another family has one after flood damage in their house. Allowing them to be onsite, project managing the renovations.

We also have hired to builders this month who need Monday to Friday accommodation on their build site. Alongside overnight accommodation, the caravan also provides for them a dry warm place for them during the day where they can cook but also use the space for an office.

Many people prefer the option of a caravan on their driveway for peace of mind, while their renovations are being carried out. They can sleep, cook and relax in it without the need to relocate to another area. We can also provide awnings for additional space especially if there are pets too.

Please contact Caravan Hire Online to discuss your requirements for temporary accommodation and how we can best meet these for you.

April 2021 Promotion

  1. The £50 per night is valid only for hire during April 2021 for stays of between 3 and 7 nights. If you require a longer hire, please ask for continuing prices.
  2. The offer applies to all sizes of caravans.
  3. The full amount is required to secure your caravan booking. Cancellation will not be permitted, no refunds, no date changes.
  4. The caravans must be collected from Beverley, East Yorkshire or a delivery charge will be imposed (Price on request).
  5. All caravans will be cleaned before and after use as part of the agreement. If you require a copy of our cleaning policy, please ask.
  6. Caravans are non-smoking.
  7. Well behaved pets are allowed at £25.
  8. We (Caravan Hire Online Ltd) reserve the right to refuse, cancel, amend and withdraw the offer at any time without reason.
  9. Our normal T&C’s apply except for the forementioned amendments.

Some Basic Caravan Advice

If you love the flexibility touring caravans offer but are not confident towing a caravan or don’t think your vehicle is up to it then remember we offer a delivery service. Just book your pitch or let us know where you want it (on your drive for extra accommodation for example) and we will deliver and set it all up for you.

However, if you would like to start towing a caravan then the world is your oyster. Hiring a touring caravan gives you the flexibility to go anywhere, without having it sitting on your drive for months or paying for storage.

Here is some general advice for touring caravan beginners:

Can I tow a caravan?

You need to check your drivers license. When you passed your test will affect if you can tow and to what weight. This website will help you

Towing is not a difficult skill to acquire and can be picked up quite quickly through practice, but you can always book a lesson with an operator such as if you want to feel more confident.

We can give you guidance on what weight of caravan is suitable for your car. Just ask.

Where can I pitch my caravan?

There are lots of places to park up for the night. Caravan/holiday parks that have touring caravan spaces are the main option. The benefit of these are the use of the facilities such as showers, toilets and café etc. You can even top up your water storage. Some will also come with the added benefits of night time entertainment a swimming pool or children’s’ play area to name just a few. Staying at a holiday park (or more than one) means you can visit the area you want to but also the added facilitates make it feel more like a traditional holiday.

There are also more basic camping fields. These give you a feeling of space, but more than likely don’t come with any additional facilities. Not to worry though, you have a loo and shower in your caravan.

Can passengers ride in the caravan while it is being towed?

No, this is illegal as any person travelling in a vehicle must be wearing a seat belt. It also protects you from a shift in weight while moving which can cause crashes.

What is the speed limit on a national speed limit road when towing?

On a dual carriageway the national speed limit that applies is 60mph. On a single carriage road the speed limit for a touring caravan is 50mph. Otherwise the stated speed limit applies.

If you require any further information, speak to us before booking or when you collect your caravan. We are happy to help.

What’s New

Good morning all, what’s new today… Well for one thing the weather seems to be mild but wet nothing new there except at least it’s not freezing every morning. Looking towards Spring and Summer and a week or a weekend away, how about a touring caravan experience. Life is so calm and relaxing in a caravan with fantastic venues to choose from. If you like the seaside or the mountains or an interesting town or city, caravanning is the perfect accommodation for just the two of you or the whole family.

We’re booking up fast for the Easter break but have plenty of availability for March and the rest of April. Summer this year will be our 6th year providing caravans for all the great Summer events such as ‘The Yorkshire Show’ ‘VW Fest’ and many more, but we have lots of availability between these events for you to have a great time caravanning. Give us a call on 07917 408045 or email to request a quote and check availability for your adventure. See you soon Graham.

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