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What’s it like to go caravanning? Is it easy to tow a caravan? How do I choose which caravan to buy? etc. etc These are the questions I get asked regularly by people who find out what our business is.

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OK, read this for starters:

A caravan holiday gives you the flexibility to move with the good weather, change the view from your window and escape from airport delays, hotel regimes and crowded beaches.

But the secret to a great caravan holiday is all about achieving a comfortable and safe tow before you’ve even set off.

We’ve got all the information you need to get started.


For holidays you’ll never forget, there are a few things you can think about to make sure you pick the right caravan to match your budget and lifestyle. With so many designs and options available, there is a perfect caravan for everyone. You can even hire a caravan out first to try it. Here are just some of the things to look out for:


Do you want a touring caravan with plenty of headroom and your own bathroom, a folding caravan that’s easy to store away or a pop-up, that’s great for extra visitors?


Think about how many people you will be taking on holiday with you. Will there be others joining you? If you’re staying somewhere off the beaten track will you want a luxury washroom? Or if you prefer a home-cooked meal using some fantastic local produce – then a big kitchen hob might be your preferred choice.


A caravan holiday begins the moment you set off. To get the best towing experience, you need to consider how much your car can tow. The ideal recommended balance is for the weight of the caravan with its contents to be about 85% of your car’s weight.

Here are some simple tips to get you on the road to your dream holiday destination.

  1. Towbars -First of all your car will need one of these to pull a caravan. Many modern cars already come with one fitted but you can also buy detachable ones too. There are many different styles; the most popular are the flange type or Swan Neck.
  2. Driving – The fact that so many of us go caravanning in the UK – more than 11 million trips a year – gives you some idea of how easy it is to pick up. Anyone can learn and The Caravan Club offer relaxed and informal courses for drivers wanting to boost their confidence. Simply taking a little more care when cornering, braking and accelerating smoothly, will allow the trailer to follow the car safely.
  3. Loading your caravan – The great thing about a caravan holiday is there are no baggage restrictions. If you want to take the bikes, the wetsuits, the fishing gear, kids toys and yes, that extra suitcase (just in case) – it can all come with you. Just remember for the best towing experience you need to load heavy items low down and over the wheels.
  4. Cooking – If you want to rustle up some real home cooking on your holidays, in a caravan you can cook with gas and even have a microwave. The four-ring cooker with oven and separate grill will be just like the one you’re used to at home (if you have a gas cooker).
  5. Finally, storing my caravan – When you’re not off discovering new and exciting places in your caravan, you will need somewhere to store your caravan. If you can’t store it at home, many caravan sites offer this service and make sure you protect your caravan from theft. There are many options available including caravan insurance, wheel clamps, hitchlocks, alarms and even sophisticated tracking systems.

So how does that lot grab you, if it does give us a call on 01430 448517 and start a new adventure.

Thanks, Steve

Experience the great outdoors in one of our luxury touring caravans at some of the most beautiful locations around Yorkshire and the UK. Whether you’re looking to self-tow a caravan or need our full delivery & collect rental service we have the answer. If you need extra accommodation for parties at Christmas & New Year or anytime we also have the answer