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Temporary Accommodation


Having building work carried out at your home? Do you need to stay close by in temporary accommodation? Why not have a caravan put on your driveway?

‘Caravan for hire’ could be a great option so you can stay at the property and oversee the building works. It’s a great adventure for the kids too! Here at Caravan Hire Online Ltd we have placed a number of touring caravans on driveways and in gardens for families to use whilst they are having building work to their homes.

Whether you need a mini-home with all the facilities or just somewhere to sleep, our touring caravans are modern and clean and provide blown air heating, hot and cold water, full cooking facilities, beds for all the family, bathrooms and a cosy environment to escape the dust and mess of a renovation. If room permits, you can also have an awning placed at the side to create more space, if required.

We’ve had some great feedback from people who have had a caravan for a few weeks which has provided a real life-line and escapism from all the dust and mess a build project brings.

Has your property been Flooded? Did you know that most Insurance Companies will pay for a touring caravan to be sited at your property whilst work is being carried out. We offer longer term hire options for such circumstances at short notice and will be happy to help with any questions.

For Caravan Hire be sure to ring or email Caravan Hire Online Ltd, covering the whole of the UK.


Have you considered a Caravan for hire on your driveway or garden. It’s a great way to provide extra bedroom space for your visitors or why not stay in one yourself?

Here at Caravan Hire Online Ltd we offer caravan hire with delivery, setup and collection to your driveway or garden, providing that extra bedroom space as well as kitchen and bathroom facilities. It’s a great way to temporarily extend your family home during the festive period or any family occasion.

All our caravans are modern and clean and have blown air heating so putting one on your driveway for Christmas and the New Year couldn’t be easier.

Why not call us to discuss your requirements and we will do the rest.

Experience the great outdoors in one of our luxury touring caravans at some of the most beautiful locations around Yorkshire and the UK. Whether you’re looking to self-tow a caravan or need our full delivery & collect rental service we have the answer. If you need extra accommodation for parties at Christmas & New Year or anytime we also have the answer