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Winterising Your Caravan

Well, the frost has arrived so it’s time (if you haven’t done it already) to make your caravan safe for the winter freeze. The very first thing to do is make sure the external cover is on the water boiler flue. I put a layer of bubble wrap on the inside of the cover to help insulate the internals. I then put the external covers on the fridge vents, followed by removing the toilet cassette and draining the toilet flushing tank. On the inside I open the drain valve (yellow lever) and open all taps to drain as much of the system as possible, leaving the taps open for the whole winter. I then insulate the water boiler in bubble wrap, old towels or any cloths I can find. I also wrap the taps in bubble wrap.

If you close all but one tap and blow through the open one starting at the farthest away from the water inlet then the next and the next, closing off each of the taps in turn. Remember to leave all taps open and cover in bubble wrap at the end. This should remove as much water from the system as you can. There is also a special tool available to do this job, but my method seems to work just as well.

Hope that helps you to safeguard your caravan against the freezing temperatures this winter. Cheers for now and have a great Christmas & New Year

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